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First Cultural Advisor Training in Cyprus

First Cultural Advisor Training in Cyprus

The second phase of the Cultural Advisor Training for migrant and/or refugee women and girls was successfully implemented in Nicosia, Cyprus, on the 29th and 30th of August, 2020. The first phase had been implemented in March 2019, for two days, but due to the measures of restriction to public events in the outcome of the Covid-19 pandemic, the last session had to be suspended and rescheduled.

Overall, 33 migrant and/or refugee women and girls attended, coming from 18 different countries worldwide.

HFC team presented the BASE project along with its objectives and expected outcomes, followed by the presentation of the Open Learning Platform. The training sessions, covered all the modules of the curriculum for Cultural Advisors (topics included definition of GBV and SGBV, types of abuse, differences between sex and gender, cultural impact related to gender stereotypes, domestic violence, child sexual abuse).

It is important to highlight that all 33 women and girls who attended the training have now a map of support services for cases of GBV and SGBV, including support services for children.

HFC continues to reach out to migrant and/or refugee women and girls to collaboratively establish the role of cultural and community advisor in cases of sexual violence against migrant and/or refugee girls. Should you wish to support us or receive further information on upcoming activities please contact our organisation.